Wet Room Installation

Wet Room Installation

Wet Room Installation in the home, nothing else makes an impact quite like a stunning wetroom  and as we all become more pushed for space open plan living areas become all the more desirable.

A critical element of any wet room installation is the gradient or ‘fall’ in the floor of the shower zone.  Getting the correct angle in the floor of the shower zone is essential to avoid water pooling around your feet and spilling onto the flat areas of the bathroom floor.  That’s why we use the Aqua-Dec, Aqua-Grade and LinearFlo-Dec wetroom floor formers supplied by Impey.

The drainage systems available for the Aqua-Dec have been specifically designed to be the most versatile on the market. Our traps have been designed to be shallow, which makes them ideal for cramped or restricted areas where space can be a problem.

A tiled floor can look totally stunning, but without underfloor heating it can be very cold and unpleasant to walk on. The Devimat system can make a tiled floor as luxurious to walk on as it is to look at.

Please call 020 7736 0303 for all enquiries regarding your wet room installation.

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