Toilet Plumbing

sir-john-harringtoniphe-logo1The first flush toilet or water- closet was invented by Sir John Harrington in 1596. Although one of our directors shares the same surname as the acclaimed Sir John, he cannot claim to be his direct descendant. However, with some acclaim,  APH do say with pride, that since 1999 this same director along with Atlantic’s whole staff have helped hundreds of Londoners’ solve thousands of WC related problems.

Although the basic principles of the flush toilet have remained the same since Sir John’s day, new WC’s are certainly making a design statement – be they traditional or modern. Now, of course, there is a big emphasis on water conservation. Atlantic’s team is always happy to help; whether it’s a simple leaking toilet, one that is hard to flush, or should you wish to upgrade to a “better, brighter” model. After all, in our game “a flush beats a full house every time!”


“You can call, we can help.”                     Ph: 020 7736 0303

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