CCTV surveys

Everyone  knows just  how disruptive and unpleasant blockages can be -some blockages even result in damaging flooding – which are reasons enough to have Atlantic complete a drain survey at your property.

To avoid the need for costly and repetitive call outs, Atlantic`s comprehensive drain survey includes a thorough optical examination of problematic drains of at least four inch diameter using Atlantic`s latest CCTV technology. Atlantic also supplys you with a DVD on completion which can prove useful when having to deal with insurance companies.

A CCTV drain survey will reveal any signs of possible defects which can include root infestations or pipe collapse. The survey will pin-point the exact distance and location of any problems. This accuracy minimises any unnecessary excavation work.

Most importantly, the Atlantic drain survey will provide you with a clear path to preventative maintenance and give that feeling of satisfaction that come with peace of mind.

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Thank you for your business and your trust.

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