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Atlantic Plumbing & Heating regularly undertakes plumbing surveys on behalf of its clients,  including home owners, property management companies and surveyors. A plumbing survey will highlight any hidden problems which could prove to be costly and disruptive if left unattended.

Inspections can also be an excellent source of sound advice regarding energy efficiency. As a rule of thumb an inspection will pay for itself by preempting unexpected, unwelcomed and costly emergencies. Further, any necessary work revealed by conducting an inspection can be planned for in a methodical and economical manner; a further saving of time and money. Tenants and occupants are also less inconvenienced. Finally, if no maintenance work is required, you left assured that the building is in good condition and that there are no unexpected bills looming on the horizon.

One of Atlantic’s qualified plumbing engineers will check for the following:

  1. The overall condition and correct operation of all the bathroom sanitary ware, taps, fixtures & fittings.
  2. The general condition of all the visible pipe work and the correct operation of syphon units.
  3. The safe operation and termination of all overflow pipes.
  4. The correct functioning of all the hot water controls and thermostats.
  5. Water temperature, flow rate and pressure.
  6. Installation and functionality of any shower pumps.
  7. The suitability of the existing appliances, fixtures and fittings.
  8. Condition of cold water storage tanks in lofts where applicable.
  9. Correct operation of drains (not including CCTV or manholes).
  10. Correct operation of all mixers, showers and shower door enclosures.
  11. Insulation and energy efficiency.
  12. Condition of tiling, silicone seals and waterproofing. (Does not include inspections below baths.)

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