Plumbing Emergencies

Plumbing Emergencies

Plumbing emergencies – If you have a plumbing emergency in London or the South West please call 020 7736 0303.

Atlantic’s Tips in Handling an Emergency:

Water Leak:

  • Shut of stopcock on tanks in loft and gate vales in airing cupboard.
  • Open hot and cold tap on bath.

No Heat:

  • Check electrical supply to boiler
  • Check water pressure on combi boilers.
  • Check pilot light on boiler
  • Gas Escape:
  • Do not operate any lights or use naked flames.
  • Open all windows.
  • Shut off gas at emergency control valve.

Call TRANSCO emergency phone number 0800 111 999 (They will come out and shut off gas free of charge but they will not carry out repairs.) It is the home owner’s responsibility to arrange for a CORGI registered company to fix the problem.

You can reach our 24/7 emergency service by calling 0207 736 0303.

If the problem situation you are experiencing can be put on hold until our office is open, this will be financially best for you. If this is possible, phone us first thing next business day morning to book in one of our engineers to repair the problem as soon as possible and at our competitive regular rates. Office phone: 0207 736 0303.

However, if you require emergency service then call us now at the number above.

For the safety of your family and yourself it is imperative not to take any risks when it comes to gas. Do not attempt to repair any gas works or gas appliances. If you suspect there is a gas leak CALL IMMEDIATELY!

Do not carry out repairs yourself.

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