Plumbing Advice

Plumbing Advice

Atlantic Plumbing and Heating are experts in the installation of all plumbing, heating and drainage systems. Moreover the company regularly designs unique systems for experienced and qualified tradesmen, designers, architects and most importantly, our own private clients, for whom Atlantic carries out the installation directly.

In our view, the most significant step anyone should take prior to commencement of any works is seeking expert plumbing advice. Phone a few companies and get a feel for which one offers you valuable and knowledgeable advice. Secondly, always ensure when obtaining quotes, that you compare apples with apples. A well designed system may take more time to install, initially costing more money but this thoroughness will save you money in the long term. Though you should always have an itemised quote knowing what you are paying for.    

Good advice is absolutely priceless!

Sound and expert plumbing advice and design along with expert and sound installation guarantees you and future occupants of your home will enjoy a system that provides many years of simple to use, efficient and reliable service. A well designed and installed system economises on running and maintenance costs.  

Our experience more often than not typically reveals problematic systems that have been poorly designed rather than poorly installed. Due to the many complexities in this field, along with the various systems available to choose from in the UK, customers unfortunately do not always benefit from the expert plumbing advice and design that Atlantic certainly can provide. Too often trusting consumers are let down by the disingenuous and even bona fide tradesmen, simply unaware of the technical and product advantages available in today’s fast moving market. In either event consumers do not receive the value for money that they rightly should expect and definitely receive.
In summary: Clearly there are many decisions to make and important information and useful facts to consider prior to carrying out any work – be it for home or office. Atlantic strives to design and install quality plumbing, heating and drainage systems. We all know that spending money on a plumbing and heating system does not have the same appeal as purchasing a luxury bathroom or a modernized kitchen say, but at Atlantic we want our customers to genuinely feel they have received true value for money and that they then enjoy and appreciate the short and long-term benefits of a job well done.

This is Atlantic’s goal and it begins by ensuring all Atlantic’s clients are made aware of the quality and benefits they will receive by choosing Atlantic Plumbing and Heating.  

So why not make your first step towards becoming a satisfied Atlantic client by calling our friendly staff at 0207 736 0303 who will be delighted to set up a mutually convenient time to arrange an on site visit.

You can call . . . we can help.

Atlantic Plumbing and Heating: practicing progressive thinking with traditional values.

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