Planned Preventative Maintenance

Corporations, businesses, and now homeowners throughout the Capital are increasingly seeing the benefit of having a Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) schedule put in place by an independent professional company such as Atlantic. Not only does this ensure that all necessary routine maintenance and repair work is carried out, it also minimizes risk and costly disruptions which could otherwise would have occurred. We all understand the importance of maintaining the value of a property which can typically be a corporation’s, businesses or home owner’s largest asset. Atlantic also works in conjunction with some leading commercial insurance brokers where experience has proven that organizations with PPM schedules in place have lowered their insurance costs significantly due to measurable reductions in claims made.  Atlantic will provide a no-obligation PPM schedule, and simultaneously recommend a suitable insurance expert to meet you in person to ensure you have the correct coverage, at a significantly reduced price – if need be.

These are some of the aims of a PPM schedule:  

  • Maintain the value of the property
  • Improve the condition of the property
  • Minimise the risk of unexpected equipment failure
  • Minimize the risk of business interruption
  • Providing useful information on life expectancy of plant and /or equipment for economical reasons.

These are some of the benefits of a PPM schedule:

  • Equipment can be repaired rather than replaced thus saving on costs whilst doing our bit for the environment.
  • More Energy efficient systems thus saving on costs whilst doing our bit for the environment.
  • Enhancing system reliability
  • Saving significant costs on building insurance  

How Can Atlantic Help?

Atlantic Plumbing and Heating has been providing PPM services and schedules in the London area over the past ten years. Atlantic has full hands on experience with property maintenance and is fully aware of the logistical, financial and organizational issues companies face in acquiring and arranging for affordable and reliable PPM schedules. At Atlantic the implications of not having a fully working home, an office or retail outlet is well understood and because we understand the value of business as usual our personal service excels that of our competitors. Atlantic is dedicated to providing a suitable PPM schedule to meet your specific needs. Atlantic’s experience in the field is comprehensive and to ensure your requirements will be met Atlantic guarantee the following additional services for property management companies and real estate agents:

1.    A dedicated account manager
2.    Preferred rates
3.    Preferred terms
4.    Specialist brokers who will significantly save you money on a business insurance costs.

Pease feel free to call us at 0207 736 0303 where our friendly and knowledgeable staff would welcome the opportunity to present a ‘made for purpose’ Atlantic PPM option to you in person.


“You can call, we can help.”                     Ph: 020 7736 0303

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